Benefits of Asset Tracking by EnaSys

Benefits of Asset Tracking – Why Choose EnaSys?


Save Valuable Time

  • Increase inventory speed by 10 times with the fasting asset-tracking software available


Reduce Costs

  • Decrease loss, theft and misplacement with a tool used in the greatest variety of industries, including data centers, public safety, education, and medical


Improve Security

  • Know who has what, when, and where with EnaSys’ exclusive check-in/check-out and advanced tracking features


Create Reports

  • Receive immediate delivery of regulatory and financial reports with proven EnaSys compliance


Track Utilization

  • View usage, lifespan, repair and depreciation schedules all in one centralized, convenient location on the custom EnaSys dashboard


Implement Immediately

  • Complete turnkey installation with easy and intuitive functionality based directly on EnaSys user feedback


Optimize Tracking and Workflow

  • Eliminate the endless and fruitless searching with the proven EnaSys solution


Receive Ongoing Support

  • Access live support from United States personnel and dedicated EnaSys team members


Facilitate Transition

  • Read and link both barcode and RFID labels and tags to integrate existing systems with EnaSys


Utilize a Light and Readable Interface

  • Put away the glasses, the tiny keys, and the workout; all data is on a tablet that comes standard with the EnaSys package


Eliminate Frustrating Guesswork with Pinpoint Accuracy

  • See specific location by state, building, room, and more with EnaSys hierarchical sorting



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