Asset Tracking, simply bundled

Asset Tracking, simply bundled

Asset tracking, simply bundled

With over 20 years in the asset tracking solutions market, Engineered Data Products (EDP) is the solution provider of choice for companies in a variety of industries. Appware Solutions is a discovery hub connecting technology buyers with best-in-class hardware and software bundle providers. EDP is excited to partner with Appware Solutions and offer two robust asset tracking solutions featuring EnaSys.

With EnaSys you can simplify workflow and have critical item and asset information and location at your fingertips. Within all organizations there is an increasingly vital need to know: who has what item, when they had it, for how long was it in use, and where is it now with as much detail as required. Spreadsheets and other error prone systems are being used to track specimen samples to servers or lab equipment to critical documentation. Increase your organization’s efficiency, lower costs and enhance security by taking control of your assets.

With Appware Solutions you can simplify your purchase of EnaSys. Visit and search for EnaSys to bring up the two bundled solutions. Choose the bundle that best fits your hardware preference and let Appware Solutions connect you to EDP. Still have questions on the capability of EnaSys; download the product brochure on the site or click the “Connect with an Expert” link for answers.

EDP and Appware Solutions; the perfect team to help you tackle your asset and item tracking needs. Or contact EDP directly at 800.522.3528.