EnaSys Enterprise

EnaSys Enterprise

EnaSys Enterprise is designed for tracking assets in a large or complex multi-location environment. Enterprise includes Express and Professional functionality with added user roles and permissions. Coming soon, EnaSys Enterprise will implement Event-Actions for sending alerts, basic asset movements, and other activities.

Enterprise Asset Tracking:

Coming Soon


The EnaSys Enterprise Asset Tracking solution will include all hardware, software and services included with EnaSys Express and EnaSys Professional as well as expanded tools and functionality.


Company Services:

• Optional evaluation of asset data to ensure pre-defined import format
• Installation pack age and re mote installation support can be quoted


The Power of the ATOMS Software Engine:

• Full support site with F AQ, operational instructions, and downloads.
• Customized template set-up requires minimal time and effort
• Fewer clicks, fewer touch-points to accomplish similar tasks
• Larger screen, mo re advanced handheld and wire less equipment
• Orphan tag data recognition and immediate pairing upon enrollment
• Transfer between wifi-connected PCs, tablets, and other mobile devices
• Self-service online portal with unlimited number of users accounts


Modular Upgrades:

Purchase with maintenance package to receive free future product upgrades and roadmap notifications.

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