High Value Asset Tracking

High Value Asset Tracking

Some organizations need to count fixed assets, like computers, phones, office equipment, office furniture, and other high dollar items once or twice a year-but are discouraged by the complexity and time required. The use of RFID and/or barcode asset tags greatly simplifies the process of high value asset tracking, taking a fraction of the time and providing a more accurate count. Other company applications may entail the need to track the movement of portable asset or items that have circular lifecycle like gas cylinders, medical equipment and chemical containers. The EnaSys asset management solution uses barcodes or RFID tags to collect accurate data that enables better control over these assets and increases revenue opportunities.


High Value Asset Tracking


The most recent EnaSys installation shows it once again to be the future of all asset tracking. The two-day project, completed earlier this month at NASA Johnson in Houston, TX, set up the framework and features of a NASA-tailored EnaSys program, including eight new handheld RFID readers.


Perfect for costly or sensitive assets: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration houses some of the most costly scientific and technical equipment in the world.


Unlimited assets: NASA is beginning to enroll and track over 35,000 assets at this facility. Using RFID, this process is proven to be five times faster and more accurate than manual inventory.


Easy upgrades: On-site staff training is provided, and EnaSys allows for existing RFID, barcode, manual input, and hybrid asset-tracking infrastructure.

But it’s not just for rocket scientists.


EnaSys is designed specifically for companies seeking a solution that can track all kinds of high-value assets. Track computers, servers, and other IT equipment quickly and accurately. Medical devices, test equipment, tape media, physical files and records, and other items are now capable of being more efficiently tracked via handheld reader that has utilizes tablet-size touchscreens and is completely mobile. EnaSys can be tailored to individual inventory processes and has an array of other customization options.



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