Let’s Talk Lektrievers

Let’s Talk Lektrievers

What is a Lektriever, and how can they help with office organization?

It is is a high-density shelving unit that can house many different types of items for storage.  A single Lektriever is able to hold at least 16 four-drawer filing cabinets worth of files or other documents and paper assets in one space-saving unit. Instead of a file room housing hundreds of old metal filing cabinets, one or two Lektrievers can be used to keep all of the files in one location that can be brought to the user with the touch of a button.

It can store all of a company’s files, records, sensitive documents or other items in a very space efficient manner, but how can a user easily find their desired file in such a large unit?

The Essential Solution

The answer is EnaSys MasterTrak. MasterTrak works with the Lektriever system to track where a file is located within the unit by using space allocation and assigned zones. MasterTrak uses a database that is customized to meet each customer’s needs for the loading of the unit. Using an algorithm to determine the proper capacity for each zone in the Lektriever and the load order of the items, Mastertrak ensures the proper load balance of the unit.

MasterTrak also has a check-in and check-out feature. This feature allows users to locate an item within the unit, and check it out to a user for ownership tracking. Once the item is returned, MasterTrak uses the Return Item function to check the item back in to the proper zone.

MasterTrak, combined with a Lektriever, can be utilized across many different business applications including medical offices, law offices, government agencies, and many more. Contact us today to determine if MasterTrak is right for your tracking needs and schedule a free, no-obligation demo with one of our specialists.


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