Manufacturing Asset Tracking

Manufacturing Asset Tracking

EnaSys offers manufacturing asset tracking solutions and packages for a wide variety of industries, including breweries, distilleries, and wineries.


Manufacturing Asset Tracking


Misplaced and unreturned kegs are a major business issue for local breweries and distilleries. Once sent to local distributors, brewing facilities expect a return window between 3-6 months.


Often, these kegs are not returned in a timely manner, if at all. Follow-up and contact points on the part of the brewery are required. After 9 months, an unreturned stainless steel keg, valued at approximately $100, is marked as a loss.


Tracking these kegs using traditional methods is problematical: As the kegs are barcoded, tracking them is very labor-intensive. The barcode can even become unreadable after travel, cleaning, and usage. Tracking these barcodes with spread-sheeting takes a significant amount of time and money and the accuracy can be questionable.

Save time, money and improve accuracy with the durable and reliable EnaSys manufacturing asset tracking system. With long-lasting radio frequency tags on kegs and other outbound brewery materials, scanning can be done quickly and easily upon departure, pick up and arrival with door and mobile portals. EnaSys scanners make quick work of the average pallet of 20 or more kegs. Generally, inventory takes 90% less time with the EnaSys system than traditional methods.


In addition, the EnaSys system automatically generate a number of reports, including details on which kegs have been outside the facility for 90 days, or any set number desired, prompting a return reminder to the distributor or a bill for lost property. Cheers to that.


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