Manufacturing Inventory Management

manufacturing inventory management

Manufacturing Inventory Management and Asset Control


Equipment Tracking – From Machines to Tooling

  • Track usage, repairs and maintenance of large machines
  • Ensure tooling is accounted for at all times
  • Know who used them last and usage
  • Ensure they are stored correctly
  • Decrease theft, fraud and loss
  • Increase visibility
  • Compliance with insurance, financial and government requirements
  • Standardized reporting for tracking and control
  • Reduce audit time by 90%


Track High Value Tools that Move

  • Know who has last used the tools
  • Reduce shrinkage costs and supply costs
  • Control access rights to capital assets by location
  • Rule based features and functionality
  • Accountability
  • Find missing assets
  • Compliance with insurance, financial and government requirements
  • Less time per audit
  • Ensure support contracts match assets in use


Secure Locker for Tool Cribs

  • Inventory control
  • Nexis storage point
  • Check in check out
  • Daily physical counts
  • Proper storage of assets by location
  • Accessible real-time reports
  • Hierarchical storage – location by locker, by room, by building
  • Match assets to users as authorized by rolls
  • Reduce shrinkage due to theft or loss


Tracking Routing Files and Sales Orders

  • Efficient Check in and Check out
  • Know stages of process
  • On demand printing and encoding
  • Track file movement by custody


Specialty Tracking Tags

  • Ensure the proper read range
  • Multiple tags per device
  • Appropriate to environment, asset and usage
  • Active and passive
  • Proper configuration
  • Durability


Readers, Portals and Antennas

  • Expand Tracking Capability
  • Ensure the right equipment for the job
  • Ensure proper read range
  • Compatibility
  • Appropriate to environment
  • Proper tuning
  • Extend read range
  • Expand control capability



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