Medical Asset Tracking

Medical Asset Tracking

Medical equipment and devices are shipped between manufacturer and final usage point. Items like pacemakers, hip and knee prosthetics, and stents are produced and transported to hospitals, surgical facilities, and doctors’ offices across the country, necessitating medical asset management.


Medical Asset Tracking

Medical supplies often involve numerous components, all of which require sterile environments and FDA regulation compliance. Varying transport processes to hospital wings and surgery rooms as well as multiple sterilization phases require check-in, check-out, and reliable tracking. Additionally, cases often need to be cleaned and returned to the supplier, requiring accurate chain of custody reporting and further government compliance for certified reuse.


EnaSys can complete all medical asset tracking this while increasing productivity – tracking in 1/10th of the time compared to traditional barcode methodologies – ensuring 100% traceability and producing reports that enable clear compliance.


EnaSys medical asset tracking delivers a comprehensive solution designed that is intuitive to use and provides complete tracking. EnaSys allows user to not only frequently audit their assets in a fraction of the time of normal methodologies, but is provides a chain-of-custody report for each asset from inception to disposal, or if necessary, reuse. Integrating with an organization’s asset database, one can be fully aware of how the asset has moved within and between rooms, buildings and locations. Alerts can be employed to signal movement, whether unauthorized or permissible, to ensure compliance with company or government regulatory compliance.


Healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are under increasing pressure to improve patient outcome while reducing costs. Regulations such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), HIPAA and HITECH are requiring healthcare organizations to implement comprehensive and efficient systems to manage patient information. Increasingly larger volumes of records are being generated which need to be accessed quickly while having proper privacy and other regulatory controls in place.


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