Medication Tracking: DSCSA Serialization Deadline Approaching

Medication Tracking: DSCSA Serialization Deadline Approaching

Are you one of a majority of companies playing catch up in meeting the deadline for the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA)?


Beginning November 27, 2017, pharmaceutical organizations will be required by law to label and serialize drugs utilizing a unique product identifier comprised of several components: a FDA National Drug Code [NDC]), serial number, lot number, and expiration date embedded in a 2D barcode – for enhanced medication tracking throughout the industry.


“It is important to remember that the DSCSA was enacted to improve patient safety and care, and will also result in benefits to supply chain stakeholders. Compliance with serialization requirements helps move the industry forward with better traceability and accountability for the origin, chain of custody, delivery, and availability of authentic prescription drugs.  Patients will benefit from improved access to the drugs they need and assurance that those medications are exactly what their physicians prescribed. The serialized identifiers will help ensure that the drugs delivered match what was ordered and have not been replaced with counterfeit products, which endanger patients and compromise the industry’s profile and profits. Patient safety will be enhanced by a granular chain of custody record that permits visibility into the location of the drugs at all times. That also enables quick, accurate recall of product in the event it is needed.” – Peter Sturtevant, Pharmaceutical Executive


Don’t panic yet!  The deadline for implementation of DSCSA has been extended by one year to November 26, 2018.  We can help you meet the deadline with EnaSys, our proven pharmaceutical asset and medication tracking and labeling system that is easy to implement and affordable.  We can even help you with creating a customized 2D barcode, unique to the industry and your organization, that still adheres to these new requirements.


Simplify workflow and have critical pharmaceutical item and asset information and location at your fingertips. Within all organizations there is an increasingly vital need to know: who has what item, when did they have it, for how long was it in use, and where is it now with as much detail as required. Spreadsheets and other error prone systems are being used to track specimen samples to servers, lab equipment to critical documentation and more.


Increase your organization’s efficiency, lower costs and enhance security by taking control of your assets.


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