Modern Evidence Tracking for Police Departments, Law Enforcement, and Courts

Modern Evidence Tracking for Police Departments, Law Enforcement, and Courts

Evidence tracking for any size police department, court or other law enforcement agency can be a difficult task. Evidence accumulates very quickly, much faster than it be cataloged, utilized, and disposed.


Most criminal justice organizations have multiple evidence storage rooms or separate facilities, all requiring access control and user authentication. Studies and outside audits indicate that the majority of these institutions do not have an accurate count or detailed descriptions of these assets.


Moreover, lockers have statistically contained evidence decades old, past the statute of limitations for the majority of crimes. Simultaneously, recent evidence for active cases and prosecutions cannot be easily identified and located. Disposal is sometimes completed without record, and records do not always sync to internal systems.


CSI: EnaSys


EnaSys evidence tracking and control delivers a complete solution that is intuitive to use and provides comprehensive results through extensive tracking capabilities. EnaSys allows user to not only frequently audit their evidentiary assets in a fraction of the time of normal methodologies, but it provides a chain-of-custody report for each item from inception to disposal. Integrating with an organization’s enterprise asset database or creating an entirely new one when required, organizations can be fully aware of how the evidence has moved within and between rooms, buildings and locations. Alerts can be employed to signal movement, whether unauthorized or permissible, to ensure compliance with company or regulatory compliance.


With an ROI in less than one year, the evidence is with EnaSys. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quotation tailored to your facility.


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