Engineered Data Products

EDP extensively identifies, tracks and manages your assets in harmony with your existing processes.  The EDP solution is a flexible, robust, multi-functional system that incorporates its 30 years of asset management experience.  You can have your asset information at your fingertips with the accuracy and comprehensiveness you need at a price point that ensures a quick ROI.  From specification to installation to training, EDP provides the whole package that delivers you ‘worry-free’ asset management.  Join the growing number of users that have experienced a seamless proven system.

Data Center Supplies Online – Your Data Center Supply Source!

e-Systems Group has designed and implemented data center solutions for well over 30 years. We can provide solutions for end users, small-to-medium businesses all the way up to large enterprise solutions. We specialize in mission critical industries within data center and command + control markets.

e-Systems Group manufactures a complete range of console furniture for process control, security rooms, emergency services, and general office/teamwork environments. We have our own manufacturing plant, which gives us unparalleled quality control and fast shipping. Our knowledgeable, highly experienced sales staff will assist you in getting the correct solution you need and offer excellent after-sale support.


MasterTrak™ is built on years of experience in the document tracking industry. The system workflows and functionality are highly refined and are designed specifically for the tracking of folders, storage boxes and similar assets. Input from our many MasterTrak customers is constantly incorporated to refine the identification, tracking, and management processes.


In creating an improved retail experience for the consumer, Inmotion allows the branding and product interaction to be intensely personal. Various technologies are synced so that the consumer is able to be absorbed in a web-like experience via responsive smartscreen while holding the product. Brand context, technical specifications, and social trending data can be delivered with each product selection so that the customer experiences the product’s story. Inmotion also provides marketing, store managers, and floor staff access to real-time visitor and buying trends. Analytics are provided in daily reports that show consumer activity prior to purchase and promotional effectiveness.

Critical Facilities Solutions
Critical Facilities Solutions, part of the e-Systems Group, offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services specifically tailored to data centers . Services offered range from: data center cleaning, zinc whisker remediation, sub floor sealing, IT equipment & furniture installations, raised floor services including live remodeling, CFD analysis, asset auditing and much more. Featured products include blanking panels, directional air tiles, brush grommets, and other containment innovations that are guaranteed to improve data center cooling efficiency. With over 20 years of service, Critical Facilities Solutions has an experienced, hand-selected field team. They are specifically trained to analyze and manage the specific complexity and sensitivity of maintaining and improving the performance of an IT environment.


Print any combination of variable COLOR, variable TEXT, variable BARCODE, variable IMAGES/GRAPHIC from variable DATA like never before. Colorflex provides you with a turn key, data driven, cross industry, variable print solution that maximizes the power and convenience of the internet to print labels ANYWHERE while maintaining total confidentiality and security for data. Data never leaves your computer!! Whether you print one label per day or thousands… provides an easy and economical print-on-demand solution.


Label quality is critical to data management and in many ways represents one of the most important components of any media library. For over 25 years, Tri-Optic has been the world leader in Media Label Technology, offering T10000, LTO, 3480, 3592, 9840, DLT, SDLT, 8mm AIT, 4mm and Optical bar code labels. We continue to research and develop the newest technology for media bar code label printing in order to give you the highest quality media labels on the market. At Tri-Optic we know the importance of bar codes to your scalable tape library and have made it our business to manufacture only professional quality sequential bar coded labels. We have worked with the world’s leading storage library manufacturers to create media bar code labels that meet and exceed their stringent standards.  We recognize that quality barcodes, accurate filing and easy readability is vital to speed data storage and retrieval, and through the use of proven color coding filing methods and Grade A bar code quality ,Tri-Optic has maintained its position as the supplier of choice.


Since 1992 Colorflex has been an international innovator and provider of on-demand labeling and filing systems technology for computer generated, sequential, color and barcode label printing. In this “core business” Colorflex and its filing industry dealers have provided a major share of the file folder, labeling needs for healthcare, financial, manufacturing, insurance and banking markets, worldwide. Colorflex demand print software has also been used for integration with Physical Records Tracking and Information Management systems offered by major strategic partners.

Custom Powder-Coating Solutions

We are custom powder coating specialists with operations in Westminster, Colorado. We are committed to enhancing our customer’s products with coating solutions that add the benefit of a tough, attractive, cost-effective finish with little or no impact on the environment

We have a seasoned management and paint team. The Division Manager has over 15 years of experience specifically in powder coating. Additionally, our professional paint team averages 5 to 10 years of experience powder coating. We have the expertise necessary to provide our customers the coating solutions needed in today’s competitive business environment.