enasys professionalEnaSys Professional is a scalable, hybrid solution that  has been designed for companies seeking RFID/barcode solutions that can track computers, servers, and other IT equipment accurately. Complete periodic inventories/audits of other high-value items and know where all your assets are in 1/10th of the time.

Professional Includes:

• EnaSys Professional™ Software
• Handheld RFID Reader and Barcode Scanner
• Charger and Adapter Set
• Quick-Start Guide
• 100 Assorted RFID Tags/Barcode Labels
• License Supporting up to 10,000 Assets
• Large Tablet

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Some organizations need to count fixed assets, like computers, phones, office equipment, office furniture, and other high-dollar items once or twice a year, but they are discouraged by the complexity and time required. The use of RFID and/or barcode asset tags greatly simplifies the process, taking a fraction of the time and providing a more accurate count. Other company applications may entail the need to track the movement of portable asset or items that have circular lifecycle like gas cylinders, medical equipment, and chemical containers. The EnaSys asset management solution uses barcodes or RFID tags to collect accurate data that enables better control over these assets and increases revenue opportunities.