PSAP Asset Tracking

PSAP Asset Tracking

Whether police, fire or other emergency services, EnaSys can help help you manage and control any unique assets stored in your facilities using our tailored PSAP asset tracking program. Our barcode and/or RFID solutions can provide the right tracking and management system to bring accountability to your organization. Designated storage locations and validated put-aways ensure you always know where your items are and who has them.

Simple and affordable to use for all types of assets:

• Evidence
• Weapons
• Folders & Binders
• Medical Samples
• Safety Equipment
• Lab Equipment
• IT Assets
• Safety Equipment
• Stolen Property


PSAP Asset Tracking & Emergency Inventory


Check-outs and check-ins can be configured for over-counter, in-person, or hands-free without supervision using RFID. EnaSys can be used with barcode equipment to scan the badge and code on each item, or hands-free using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), without having to stop and sign anything out, speeding up this entire daily process.

When defining the assigned location where an asset is found, the name can range from an entire building to something as granular as a shelf in an equipment room.

Whether an officer is assigned equipment for permanent issue, long-term or just for the day, EnaSys records the responsible party. This provides a complete chain-of-custody reporting system for all assets. With RFID, you can even search for missing assets anywhere in your facility.


Fire Station Inventory Managemnet


Fire Truck:
Each truck carries thousands of dollars of equipment necessary at an emergency site. Crews must verify that all essential tools, materials and other items are secured in the appropriate storage areas prior to leaving the station for an emergency call.


Using a handheld RFID reader along with heat- and impact-resistant RFID tags, fire station personnel can quickly take inventory anywhere – whether it be in the station or on location.


Fire Station:
Each fire house has a wide variety of tools and equipment as well as different team members who might need to utilize them. These items need to be tracked, inventoried, and serviced on an on-going basis.


EnaSys audits inventory in one-tenth of the time over traditional methods, allowing inventories to be taken more often as well as providing accurate chain of custody and significantly reducing the loss and downtime of equipment.


Emergency Preparedness:
Fire departments across the country are tasked with keeping essential provision, equipment, supplies, and water to be disbursed in the event of a catastrophic event. These supplies are often stored in large containers at the fire station or local storage facilities.


These supplies have an expiration date, and they require constant rotation. EnaSys can maintain thorough, up-to-date inventory recordings to guarantee proper supply rotation.


Safety Gear:
The fire suit that crews wear is required, after a number of uses, to be sent out for service, repair, safety checks, and/or refurbishing. Relaxed tracking delays return time and increase asset loss.


EnaSys can be used to manage any of the above procedures with greater accuracy and efficiency – automatically ensuring the safety of all the firefighters.



Download our PSAP Asset Tracking Case Study

Download our Fire Department Asset Tracking Case Study



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