Railroaded: RFID in Transportation

Railroaded: RFID in Transportation

RFID in Transportation, Passenger Management & Logistics


The national train transportation system of India, Indian Railways, will be incorporating radio frequency identification tags to track their wagons, coaches, and locomotives.


The goal of outfitting 50,000 coaches, 2,000 wagons, and 9,000 locomotives is to increase transparency and improve functionality by ensuring the Centre for Railway Information System knows the exact position of each vehicle at all times. The data at present is maintained manually and prone to errors.


Portals will be installed at strategic locations alongside the railroad tracks, recording the location of the train from about seven feet away. The reader will be part of a network, transmitting back to a central database. The Railway Ministry believes RFID in transportation will mitigate the country’s train shortage and create a better transportation experience for passengers as well as freight cargo.


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