How to Save $456,000 – Healthcare Asset Tracking

How to Save $456,000 – Healthcare Asset Tracking

Healthcare Asset Tracking Saves Half a Million Dollars


A healthcare company in Scotland invested approximately $250,000 in healthcare asset tracking technology and saved over $450,000 in the first year. Additionally yearly savings are projected at around $200,000 per year beginning in 2018.


The RFID system implemented at medical facilities across the country provided stringent compliance, solidified scheduling of planned maintenance, increased staff satisfaction, reduced harm to healthcare professionals as well as patients, reduced equipment loss, theft and repair, and finally, improved sustainability of the organization as a whole.


Some of the central components of this solution were fixed reader portals, RFID tags for mobile medical devices, and advanced reporting options.


Saving a Half Million Dollars


EnaSys offers a complete and automated asset-tracking solution that incorporates proper methodologies in a reliable, integrated manner to capture all physical infrastructure assets from deployment to decommissioning.


Our RFID asset-tracking system provides complete tracking and will reduce costs. EnaSys typically provides a payback of just over a year and is supported by multi-level services to help you successfully deploy your program. Just as importantly, it accomplishes this in one-tenth of the time of traditional methods. This allows you to audit more frequently and receive detailed reports and analytics on your inventory.


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