How To Steal from an IoT Company

How To Steal from an IoT Company

Spoiler: You Don’t.


IoT Company Theft


Burglars broke into a large warehouse and office building in California earlier this month.  They loaded up on laptops, cameras, sensors, and charging equipment.


Seems like a great haul, right?


Unfortunately for the criminals, all of these devices had some form of IoT tracking capabilities – from WiFi and GPS to Bluetooth and RFID.


When employees of the IoT organization arrived that morning, they booted up their asset-tracking systems and commanded the missing items to remote identify. With the help of the local police, all property was returned and suspects were in custody in just a few hours.


Thinking About the Worst Case Scenario… So You Don’t Have To


EnaSys high-value inventory control delivers a comprehensive solution that is intuitive to use and provides comprehensive results through extensive asset-tracking capabilities. EnaSys allows user to not only frequently audit their assets in a fraction of the time of normal methodologies, but it provides a chain-of-custody report for each asset from inception to disposal.


Integrating with an organization’s enterprise asset database, one can be fully aware of how the asset has moved within and between rooms, buildings and locations. Alerts can be employed to signal movement, whether unauthorized or permissible, to ensure compliance with company or regulatory compliance and to reduce theft, loss, and misplacement.


Every organization has critical assets. Protect yours with EnaSys.


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