University Asset Tracking

University Asset Tracking

EnaSys recently had the opportunity to work with a large school district and to discuss scanners, university asset tracking, label printers, and software to provide better asset management for the schools’ critical technology and other academic items.


University Asset Tracking & Inventory Management in Education


Theft at the school level of Chromebooks, iPads, computers, and printers was causing major loss for the entire district both of financial resources and of time to replace. Loss reports indicated that 6-10 devices went missing, costing the district more than $20,000 a month.


Their current system only tracks the start-service date, the warranty period, the approximate location, and the cost of each item. There were no options for tracking the item’s current physical location and no method to provide accurate chain-of-custody reports. Administrators relied on student accounts of missing devices and end-of-year inventory.


Verification was done by physically walking the school grounds and examining each serial number, eventually checking items off a printed list over a period of hours. Due to this labor intensive process, records were only
updated at the end of each school year when items were placed into a vault for the summer.


An efficient way to quickly inventory was needed to address the significant cost of asset loss at each individual school building. The EnaSys university asset tracking system combines subtle, passive RFID tags and its software as well as an advanced, low-profile handheld scanner to inventory the real-time location of each device at the school down to the room they are located in, taking only minutes to complete.


More specifically, the Enasys software provides easily exported data through an expansive list of assets, revealing the last known device location by room at each school. Using the handheld RFID scanner, individual employees can walk all of the rooms of the school verifying that all the devices have been properly inventoried – and within one-tenth of the time of traditional methods.


If a device is found to be missing, it is simple to search who last possessed the device, where it might have been moved to, or why it might be missing. At the end of the school year when all the devices are in the vault, a quick-scan of all the RFID-tagged devices with the handheld scanner verifies that all devices are present. The last known location is available for devices that are missing.


In summation: the solution is Enasys university asset tracking software and hardware system installed within each school in the district. Each school will then take inventory on a monthly or as needed basis, subsequently sending the report, which includes date, time, and individual who completed, back to the district/IT asset managers.


ROI in less than a year will be realized as equipment loss or theft is significantly reduced, device replacement costs decrease, administrators have immediate access to end-of-life information, and massive time-saving in various inventory processes is achieved.


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