Washed Up: Tracking Laundry RFID Tags

Washed Up: Tracking Laundry RFID Tags

Tracking Laundry: Linens, Uniforms & More


RFID in the laundry market has grown in the past several years through specially engineered laundry RFID tags. The technology for industrial laundries not only assists facilities in reducing linen loss, but it also increases productivity.


Whether a standalone industry laundry facility or laundries based in hospitals, prisons or other locations, the Impinj RFID solution eliminates lengthy manual processing times and recording errors. Moreover, soiled cloth items also present significant health risk for handlers.


By embedding washable, durable laundry RFID chips and tags to be read at portals on doorways, bins, and even washing and drying machines, laundry items can be all accounted for and a laundry business can save significant money.


Initial installations of this system doubled their laundry processing speeds while increasing staff safety and gathering valuable reporting data.


To learn more about laundry RFID tags, the EnaSys system, or to receive a sample, contact us.


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